I am

Dale van Moerkerken

Designer and Developer.

DVM About Image

I am Dale van Moerkerken and my passion is within the multimedia realm. I find that the most beautiful thing about multimedia is that it is always progressing , I want to be a part of that progression. I like to create designs and websites that don’t fit the everyday clutter of the web. I like to push the boundaries of web and design by creating a unique user experience to every project. I don’t claim to know everything about web design or development, but I do know how to problem solve. If theres a challenge I’ll take it on and if its broken, I’ll fix it, there’s always a way.

I graduated in 2013 and went straight into website design and developmentfor a New Media company in Johannesburg. I worked remotely from Durban. I am motivated and know how to keep to a schedule. I work great with other people despite working at home. Im outgoing and social but also dont need other people to motivate me as I am self driven.

In my younger years I travelled a lot and saw most of South Africa. I finally landed up in sunny Durban when I was 10 years old. This is now where I work, live and play. When I am behind the screen I will be either working, catching up on some much needed gaming time or looking up on new developments within the online communities. I am devoted to BMX and try get out of the house as often as I can. In my spare time you can catch me on the paintball field or working on freelance projects. I try to gym often and stay healthy, which helps keep me behind the screen and focused for longer.

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